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News Mar. 4, 2015

How Bruno Faidutti(Citadels, Mission: Red Planet) makes games.

Promo kits for International Tabletop Day revealed.

Dice Hate Me Games is merging with Greater Than Games.

Grant Rodiek on tension in games. 

Fantasy Flight Games has announced the release of Razorwings Reinforcement Pack for BattleLore Second Edition.

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News Oct. 15 2014

Fantasy Flight Games bring Scum And Villainy to the Star Wars X-Wing miniatures game.

In other Fantasy Flight news, they are bringing Battlelore to IOS, Android, and PCs.

AEG has something that I am really excited about. Empire Engine has an amazing look and a great back story. 

There was a Settlers Of Catan tournament the weekend of Oct. 11th. Here is the champion.

This news is old, but apparently there will be a new edition of Carcassonne

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