Crown War by Advance Games

Edit: Contest extended till the end of July

Brandon: Today we have a fast-paced fun game that’s for absolutely everyone!

Finn: Um, it’s not.

Brandon: What are you talking about? This game can definitely be fast-paced. I mean, you could play it slower too if you want. That’s kind of one of the neat things about it. You can play super fast or whatever pace you want to really, so I…

Finn: I don’t disagree with that. It’s the “for everybody part” I’m talking about, but we’ll get there.

Brandon: Ah! Well, where should we start?

Finn: How about with what you first see when you get Crown War!

Brandon: Oh yeah! When I first opened they box they sent us I was surprised and impressed. Just look at this container!

Finn: This is a text review, not a video.

Brandon: Well, insert a picture, would you?

A picture of the Crown War box

Finn: Here you go.

Brandon: Thank you! Look at how fun that is. It’s a crown shape, but it’s also a battlement tower. 

Finn: Imma open it and show everyone what’s inside.

Brandon: This isn’t a video, remember?

A picture of the coins spilling out of the Crown War box

Finn: Yeah, yeah. Here’s the picture.

Brandon: That’s a lot of pieces. 

Finn: And they’re very well made. These are solid and have a great design on them. They feel really good in your hand. 

Brandon: But how do you play?!

Finn: You know how to play. We’ve played this before. Together. 

Brandon: I’m using a narrative device for the people reading this article. 

Finn: Oh! I must have been using a comedic device to play off of that then. Anyway, you put all of these coins face down and then you take turns flipping them over until every coin has been revealed and then you add up your points. Whoever has the most points wins.

Brandon: Wait, you just turn over coins and count? That seems boring.

Finn: Dude! You’ve played this game before, you know that’s not all there is…oh, narrative device?

Brandon: Narrative device!

Finn: Ok, for the audience: There are special coins with special powers. The king, queen, prince, and joker all bring something to the table such as winning all numbers and then there’s the bankruptcy coin that means you lose the round AND give half your stash back to the pile. 

A picture of the special coins next to the box lid

Brandon: So, mostly luck.

Finn: Yes, and it’s interesting that you bring that up because there is a luck variant can actually be strategic. Each player grabs one coin from the scattered pile before you start and then can use that coin at a strategically appropriate time to make everyone reveal their luck coins to see if that changes the outcome of a round. It’s still luck, but it brings more suspense and thrills to the game. 

Brandon: I certainly had fun playing this.

Finn: So did I, but that does bring me to my original point about “for everyone”. I do think it can be for everyone, but your middle-schooler and high-schooler kids probably won’t like it as much or may just like one play and then move on to something else. This will be great for those 10 and under though. 

Brandon: I’d say it could be fun for a family game night with all ages and that grown-up adult type folks might enjoy it in-between other heavier games, but I agree with you on the 10 and under set. 

I have an idea…

Finn: What’s up?

Brandon: How about we do something nice and give this away to someone who could really use it right now? A lot of people are at home, and sure jigsaw puzzles are being restocked finally, but I say we send this to someone absolutely free of charge. 

Finn: I love this idea. But how do we figure out who to send it to?

Brandon: How about they contact us in one of any of the available ways. Comment on this post, email us, tweet at us, or make a comment on any of our sites and formats.

Finn: That sounds perfect. So, if you’re someone who would like this game, contact us in/at any of the ways mentioned above. We’ll announce a winner in a week on July 6 and contact them for shipping details.

Brandon: I like this game, and I like this plan. Oh, and sorry Quebec. We may plan ahead next time and try to get you included: Quebec




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