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News Mar. 18, 2015

BGJ did a review of Castle Panic and The Wizard’s Tower expansion here. The Dark Titan expansion is now available for pre-order.

Mayfair Games and Martin Wallace go their own ways.

Pandemic Legacy has received 52,000 preorders! 

Audio on MTG making a conscious choice to live!

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News Feb. 18, 2015

Oh crap! It’s unicorn poo.

One of our family favorite story telling card games, Gloom, will have a Fairy Tale edition of the game out in May of this year.

Remember when i told you how excited I was for Extra! Extra! Well, somehow I missed Penny Press.

Mayfair Games has relaunched their Cones Of Dunshire Kickstarter. They have reduce there goal from $300k to $125k. $400 gets you a game. If I remember correctly you had to pledge $500 the first time around, so that’s something…

More info on the forthcoming Magic The Gathering Board Game.

Thunderbirds are go for a board game!

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News Oct. 15 2014

Fantasy Flight Games bring Scum And Villainy to the Star Wars X-Wing miniatures game.

In other Fantasy Flight news, they are bringing Battlelore to IOS, Android, and PCs.

AEG has something that I am really excited about. Empire Engine has an amazing look and a great back story. 

There was a Settlers Of Catan tournament the weekend of Oct. 11th. Here is the champion.

This news is old, but apparently there will be a new edition of Carcassonne

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