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Tolarian Community College Needs Your Help

Tolarian Community College is an informative and entertaining YouTube channel based around Magic The Gathering. The channel is hosted by “The Professor” and he is an actual professor at an actual community college. He has had a big enough following that he was able to start a Patreon that covered the pay for his teaching one of his college classes so that he could focus some more time on the YouTube channel.

Unfortunately he was told that he won’t be teaching any classes this term and so will lose that income and possibly will lose his healthcare. There is an easy way to help The Professor out: contribute to his Patreon. He already turns out quality material. This may be an opportunity for him to create even more. If you are a fan of gaming in general or Magic The Gathering specifically you should definitely check out Tolarian Community College.



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Interview with Cloud Cap Games Part One

I can’t thank Kirsten and James enough for taking time out of their day to talk to me. Today we have part one of my interview with Cloud Cap Games.

Cloud Cap Games


1226 SE Lexington St.
Portland, OR 97202

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News Mar. 18, 2015

BGJ did a review of Castle Panic and The Wizard’s Tower expansion here. The Dark Titan expansion is now available for pre-order.

Mayfair Games and Martin Wallace go their own ways.

Pandemic Legacy has received 52,000 preorders! 

Audio on MTG making a conscious choice to live!

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News Feb. 18, 2015

Oh crap! It’s unicorn poo.

One of our family favorite story telling card games, Gloom, will have a Fairy Tale edition of the game out in May of this year.

Remember when i told you how excited I was for Extra! Extra! Well, somehow I missed Penny Press.

Mayfair Games has relaunched their Cones Of Dunshire Kickstarter. They have reduce there goal from $300k to $125k. $400 gets you a game. If I remember correctly you had to pledge $500 the first time around, so that’s something…

More info on the forthcoming Magic The Gathering Board Game.

Thunderbirds are go for a board game!

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