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Brandon: I once made a dice tower based on the Porkins’ Dice Tower and helped Tarehna make a birdhouse themed dice tower for herself. You can get a good look at them both in this video! In that video you can also see a dice tower I purchased from Troll Works with cashy money. Well, with an electronic card thing over the internets. Thank you internets and thank you cashy electronic card thing. The first dice tower I purchased from Troll Works is a Memoir ’44 themed dice tower and I love it. The construction is excellent and the fake little rivets are all turned different directions. This dice tower fits in so well with the theme of the game. A Glen Miller playlist on Pandora, Memoir ’44,  and this dice tower (pictured below) make for an excellent evening.

It came completely flat and I got to assemble it!

It came completely flat and I got to assemble it!

I enjoyed the Memoir ’44 tower so much I kept going back and looking at the Trollworks Etsy shop. One of the products that stood out to me was a fold-down (or up) tower. It appeared to have the same great quality as the dice tower I had purchased and presented additional benefits. It folded up, or down, or both. Space saver! Also, there’s a lid that goes on the top so that you can plop your dice in it, put the lid on, fold it up (or down), and travel to your next adventure!

I had a dilemma on my hands though. I already had a Memoir ’44 themed dice tower, and I was eyeing yet another Memoir ’44 themed dice tower. I couldn’t do it. There was no way that I could justify two Memoir ’44 themed dice towers. Or could I? No! I could not. Not to worry. Zpocalypse to the rescue! I did a review of Zpocalypse for the now defunct Zombease.com, but you can read the text of that interview at my BGG page. You can also read my review of the excellent expansion Zmergency. How did this help? Time for a zombie themed dice tower! It is a thing of beauty.

Toxic Dice Tower

Toxic Dice Tower

I can report that the construction and attention to detail are excellent. The dice flow and bump their way to the built in tray. The dice tower folds down (or up) and, with the lid on, does in fact keep my dice within for travel. The color is an excellent toxic green and really accentuates the feel of a game of Zpocalypse.

I do, however, have two issues. First, I wish I had purchased these in the reverse format. The fold-down (or up) tower seems more appropriate for Memoir ’44 to me. But that’s just me. Or maybe it’s you too. Go us! Second, I feel like I need to purchase all of the dice towers Troll Works has to offer. Castle designs, Star Wars (or Trek), Cthulhu, D&D. So many options. Unfortunately, I don’t have the space and I’m pretty sure that my being in grad school means my cashy money electronic card thingy just won’t be able to handle the strain. And that’s not all! Troll Works also offers box inserts and various game accessories. You should check it all out.

Visit Troll Works at this fabulous internet location and tell them Brandon sent you.


They don’t know who I am, but maybe they will if you tell them often enough.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention the lovely smell of freshly laser etched wood! Yum!


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Thursday Thoughts: Accessories

What do you add to your games?

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You Should Be Watching Shut Up & Sit Down

UPDATE: SU&SD have made some announcements about being more productive and creative, and our collective heart  goes out to Matt Lees.

There are a lot of YouTube videos out there. A lot. Even narrowing it down to something as niche as board games, there are still a lot of videos. And YouTube Channels. Dice Tower, Spooning Meeples. And Vimeo Channels. Vimeo. Vimeo is where Shut Up & Sit Down lives. I was actually introduced to SU&SD via the Dice Tower Network. The first video I saw was their review of Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective. Here it is…

Review: Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective from ShutUpShow on Vimeo.

That was enough to get me very interested. So I tracked them down on the Vimeo and watched a few minutes of many of their videos. This here looked like something. Something more. Something different. I went straight back to the very first video and worked my way forward in time. Paul Dean and Quintin “Quinns” Smith are very clever and engaging. Dean and Smith are the primary hosts but they are frequently joined by others who are just as witty and entertaining(Matt Lees and Brendan). They do skits and get outside. Yes, outside!

Shut Up & Sit Down, Season 2, Episode 3 from ShutUpShow on Vimeo.

Super cool! But, you want to see genius? Watch these next three videos in order. I don’t want to give too much away, but there is a great setup in the first video and then just an amazing payoff in the third. And the way they tie in their board game reviews in this set of three videos is inspired. Here, watch them and then continue reading.

The Halloween Special, 2013 from ShutUpShow on Vimeo.


Review: Seasons from ShutUpShow on Vimeo.


The Dexterity Games Special from ShutUpShow on Vimeo.

Please tell me you watched all of that. Ah! So cool! That right there made me a life long fan.

But…but, lately. OK, look. These guys are still very good. Better than most. Better than the best. And they have been able to turn SU&SD into a bonafide business. I love this and am so happy for them. But…well, they don’t seem to get out as often. They don’t travel through space and time as much. They don’t rhyme like they used to. Again, they are still really entertaining, and witty, and smart and fun. You should watch all of their videos. I’m assuming that with Shut Up & Sit Down becoming a business that they are having to meet with accountants and lawyers and such. I do hope they find time to get back to their roots. I hope that they find a way to get back outside more and maybe fit a song or two into future episodes. That being said you should watch this recent review of Zombie 15’. This is good stuff.

Review: Zombie 15′ from ShutUpShow on Vimeo.


And then when you are done with that please check out my youtube and subscribe. Thanks! 🙂

Update: Now at Spaghetti & Meeples

Oh, I also have a vimeo.

Update: Now at Spaghetti & Meeples

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