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Tiny Sword Tactics

Brandon: Good morning! Is it morning? I can’t even tell anymore; with the student teaching and having to set our clocks back an hour, and the election for the President of the USA. Happy election day! Where was I? Coffee! No. I mean, yes. Of course yes. Because, well, coffee. Right?

But, no, because Tiny Sword Tactics. Tiny Swords Tactics is an interesting game and I’m not really sure how to classify it. Is it a tile laying game? Technically. You do lay tiles down. You also move these tiles. Is it a fighting game? Absolutely. Is it an elimination game? Yes! Unless you don’t really want it to be. Well, it is regardless, but you can still give those who are eliminated purpose….

Let’s back up. You start with a Heart Of the Fight tile and then everyone takes turns laying down tiles from their team that they chose until all their tiles are down. Hold on. Let me set this up for you.

All setup and ready to go. Also, coffee.

All setup and ready to go. Also, coffee.

In this picture you can see how the game gets set up. You will notice that the tiles must touch sides. There’s no diagonal tile touching here! But now what? Hold on. Coffee. Mmmmmm, coffee.


rock, paper, scissors

Now you take turns moving, flipping, or fighting. Why? To kick your friends off the table, defeat their team, and win! Moving allows your team to run away from someone who might defeat them or even allow you to push someone else’s tiles along or even out of the game. Flipping tiles can limit or expand a tile’s actions. Fighting, well, is fighting. You defeat a tile or you lose a fight. Fights are mostly simple affairs that play out as rock, paper, scissors. I say mostly, because there are also damage tokens that come in to play based on how the battle goes. A player wins by having the only remaining tiles.

That brings us to player elimination. You can play that way, but there is also a variant where eliminated players get to move the Heart Of The Fight Tile. It’s a great way to mess with everyone who destroyed your team.

What is it like to play this game? Hold on. More coffee.

OK, this game has a lot of strategy and a lot of making plans only to have them immediately thwarted. Think of four way chess. Now think of four way chess where the battles aren’t as easy as rook takes pawn. Now add in fun retro 16 bit graphics.

Look at the graphics on these captain tiles.

Look at the graphics on these captain tiles.

Tiny Sword Tactics is a lot of fun and has a great look. We really enjoyed playing. You’re waiting for the other shoe to drop, aren’t you. Go ahead and get your own cup of coffee. I’ll wait. Just know that it’s not so much a shoe as it is a flip flop.

Does this game look great? Is it fun? Is there good player interaction? YES! There is, however the issue of player elimination. Sure, you can use the variant where the eliminated player messes with those still in the game, but it’s not as long lasting in the fun dept. as one might hope.

I forgot to mention something fairly important. Tiny Sword Tactics is currently on Kickstarter. As of the publishing of this review they have 10 days to go. $30 gets you a full version of the game. It seems a little high, but this is a kickstarter and with the total amount they are looking for I get the sense they’re trying to actually kickstart a business and not just create pre-orders.

So, my two concerns are player elimination and the price. That being said I still play Axis and Allies (hello mega player elimination) and I really want this game to make it. Tiny Sword Tactics looks good and plays well. Definitely check it out!

Here’s a link for you: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/637771097/tiny-swords-tactics

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PWNs is Back!

We looked at PWNs originally here. Their first Kickstarter didn’t fund, but they are back and ready to move forward. It was a game that Brandon didn’t really want to like at first, but he wound up really enjoying it. Take a look at their new Kickstarter.



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Spaghetti & Meeples Types about Ticket To Ride

Who’s got a ticket to ride? This guy! And I’m loving it. I am a captain of industry, transport, and travel. In Ticket To Ride players attempt to complete different train routes to gain points. Players may opt to take additional route cards as the game continues. Longer routes equal more points. More routes equal more points. And hey, you can get points for the longest route!

TTR and 1910

A player’s choices are simple in Ticket to Ride; take train cards, take route cards, or play train cards and set your adorable little trains on your map and score points. You may only do one of these actions on your turn, so choose wisely.
Why do I like this game? It has a great look. It allows me to play with tiny trains. I can try different strategies every time. Most routes? Longest routes? Do I block my opponents or focus on my own game? I also like that even though it has many expansions I haven’t really felt the need to get any of them. It’s light fun every time, whether we’re playing with our whole family or with friends.
What I don’t like? When my opponents have analysis paralysis(AP). Hurry up! I want my turn! I have a plan! Oh no! You took the train card I wanted. You blocked my route! Ok, I actually like those other things. It makes the game fun. But not the AP. Never the AP.
We’ve had our copy of Ticket to Ride for a couple years and have only now gotten around to acquiring the 1910 expansion which adds full sized train cards (the originals are tiny. you will feel like a giant!) and new routes. The cards also have a great Americana look to them, if you’re into that kind of thing; which I am, occasionally.

If you are looking for a light game with a great look that’s fun for the whole family I definitely recommend Ticket To Ride.

I purchased my copy.

Ticket To Ride

Ticket To Ride 1910 Expansion

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