A Threefer

Such a great day yesterday. It started just before noon. Three great families coming together for an epic day of epic gamingness. Well, maybe not as epic as other games, but certainly awesome.

We had a rousing, if losing, game of Castle Panic. We were holding on and victory was in sight and then we got hit with “Draw 4 Monster Tokens” and “Draw 3 Monster Tokens” at the same time. We fought valiantly and honorably, but to no avail.

This was the first time we got to play 7Wonders with more than 4 people and it was amazing how much the gameplay changes. I, for one, changed my usual tactics, because the cards seemed to disappear pretty quickly. Sadly, my approach didn’t work and I was dead last. Great learning experience and so much fun to play with this amazing group of friends.

Some of our party had another engagement and so after they left it was time for us to take on Pandemic. We lost our first game pretty quickly due to the fact that we didn’t evenly space the Epidemic cards and all 6 were in there! If you are unfamiliar with Pandemic, six Epidemic cards in your game makes it much more difficult.  Tarehna and I don’t usually space the cards evenly, but with six in there we got hammered hard and fast. The next round we used four epidemic cards and spaced them evenly and won!!! Sidenote: I need to remember what my role does when playing. We may have been able to win sooner had I been using my Dispatcher card’s special abilities from the start.

Thanks to Ryan and Chris, and thanks to Michael and Anya for hosting.

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