Gaming Drink Coaster! What?!

We recently purchased an old copy of Axis and Allies via The Craigslist. You know which version. The cool version. The one from 1984! How Orwellian! Not really, but possibly a bit racist as the Japanese pieces are yellow…
Here it is!
So anyway, the guy we bought it from said it was complete, but he was, sadly, mistaken. What to do? To the internets!!! I found this amazing website:
You should go to there now and glory in its wonder. Or wonder at its glory. One or both of those.
I did both and then I purchased the replacement parts I needed. I have nothing to compare it to, but the prices seemed extremely reasonable to me. And the shipping was quick. So quick! But I digress, or inform, or both!
Back on track: When my parts arrived there was a free gift with purchase. A coaster! An Axis & Allies coaster. What?! Amazing! Here’s a picture for you:
So, I asked myself “Could it be possible this is a thing they sell? How can I find out?” To the internets! Again, go to this website: wait, no, go to this link on the website:

I immediately added the coasters not in my possession to my internet shopping cart. And then I had a thought: “Oh, that’s like a symbol of the Third Reich right there on that coaster. Do I want that? Do I want to put that in front of friends who come over for gaming?” And then I had the thought: “Yeah. I mean, I already have Axis & Allies which has lots of tiny little Nazis in it…” So I clicked “yes send me these things I have asked for”.
Here they are. Both sides:

Coaster Side 2
Coaster Side 1

I like having them. They are a nice and inexpensive accessory. One thing I would recommend if you also purchase your own set from the internets is to spray them with a little Scotch Guard. They soak up liquid pretty good and I can see them wearing out fast. So, Scotch Guard! So far we haven’t used them while playing Axis & Allies, but we have used them while playing Memoir ’44 with Glen Miller playing in the background.

One other issue, they sent me another free coaster with purchase. I feel like I need to order more to complete that set, but then what if they send me another free coaster? I’m onto you, Historical Board Gaming, and I like it.

So, there you go. An entirely way too long post about coasters. Gaming drink coasters! What?!

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