Awhile back I supported a Kickstarter for a game called Province by Laboratory Games. That game is now in stores. I saw it. Today. In my local game store, Guardian Games. I didn’t have to buy it of course because I already had my copy. Want to hear about it? OK, here it goes.

The reason I was initially attracted to Province was its size. A resource management game about the size of a business card? Count me in. Oh and they super surpassed their goal so I got all this extra stuff too. Here, take a look.

It did not come with that box. That was an internet purchase.

It did not come with that box. That was an internet purchase.

It’s so adorable. You want to cuddle it and take it home don’t you?  But, first you want to know how it plays. I understand. Rather than explain the rules I’ll post this great tutorial from Laboratory Games here and then talk about what it’s like to play Province.



So I have to admit that I didn’t expect much from a game that was so small. I’m not saying my mind was blown or expectations were shattered, but I definitely had to do more planning than I had…um, planned on. First, let me say the rules as explained in the tiny manual that came with Province didn’t seem intuitive initially and setup takes longer than one would expect from such a diminutive game. Once we jumped in, however, we both had a lot of fun. It’s important to get additional workers as soon as possible. With additional workers you get additional resources and money. You’re going to need those resources and money so you can get “Goal Tokens” and score victory points and win!

Playing with this tiny tabletop game is fun and adorable. You will have a genuinely good time playing it. Its small size makes it great for taking it with you wherever you go. And you will still get the same satisfaction you get from larger resource management games. Gameplay is similarly scaled down so it won’t take up your whole evening. You could easily play Province at a coffee shop or in between larger games if you are doing a grand game night.

Check your local store or order here.

Province SW

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