Spaghetti & Meeples Looks At Leviathans

Leviathans! Leviathans offers an expansive, immersive experience. It’s 1910 and you are in a steampunk alternate universe where Rombaldi fluid makes these giant ships fly! Nope, sorry. Rynchowski. They’re not dragons, but the turrets on the ships move!!

You have your ship, or ships, and you have a card that corresponds to each ship that shows you all of the stuff you have on it and where that stuff is. Crew, guns, engines, Tesla coil things. You move around on these hex boards trying to blast each other out of the sky. You don’t have special cards, but there are tokens and dice in 6 colors and two shapes. D10 and D6!


I have wanted this game for a long time. It’s steampunk. It’s these awesome miniatures. Did I mention the turrets move? And it has this incredible world of fiction surrounding it. It includes two stories in one book and The Gazeteer deepens your understanding of the world of Leviathans.


Leviathans feels like it’s a game for people who play miniatures or war games. My family has Axis and Allies and Memoir ‘44. That’s about as tactical and war gamey as we get. Well, except for D&D Attack Wing…. Now, while Leviathans doesn’t have the resource management aspect that Axis and Allies does it feels like this is a war gamer’s war game. But I am saying this as an outsider and I am sure I am wrong. But I’m probably right.

This is a tactical game. Where is your enemy going to move? Where should you be? If you are in range to shoot the enemy, where will you be shooting them? Are you taking out their guns? Their engines? Are you exposing yourself to defeat?

Leviathans is a great game. And it is big. Both physically and figuratively. And I do like it. It’s an immersive world. It requires a fair amount of your time. And it’s an expensive world.

If you are looking for a flying type game and are on a budget I have to recommend any of the Attack Wing/X-Wing games. Starter sets can be as low as $30/35 American and adding additional vehicles or creatures can be as low as $11 or $15.

But if you want to spend more time against your opponent while wearing top hats and monocles, really getting into some serious strategy, and reveling in a rich and wonderful world you should save up and get Leviathans. Oh, and there are two expansions which means more ships!

Or maybe you should go ahead and get both and make them battle each other!



Runeslinger has some great videos on gameplay and movement.

I purchased my copy of Leviathans


Leviathans Core Box Set

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