GameStorm 17 Special

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GameStorm 17! This was my first time at a board game convention. I wasn’t 100% sure what to expect, but I was not disappointed. What was there to see and do? Lots. But we only had one day to visit this four day convention so I only got to do so much. First, right when you entered there was the dealer room. I have to say I would have liked more publishers present, there were books, and comics and t-shirts, and leather, and chain-mail, and teas and games, and about 6 or so publishers. There may have been more over the whole weekend, but this is how we found it on Saturday. And it was fine, there were some great games and great people there.

Speaking of, thank you to Jack and Alyssa who were with SoulJar Games and thank you to Owen who was with Red Raven Games. Alyssa and Jack introduced me to Dice Crawl and also Torn Armor, but I had a budget and Dice Crawl was unlike any of the games we have, so there you go. And it’s great! I highly recommend it. Basically you have tiles that you each reveal and you roll for special powers and to win tiles and score points and first to the dragon gets 3 bonus points. 100 dice in this game! Who could pass that up?

The other game we got was Eight Minute Adventure Legends. It’s a wee area control game that has a bidding mechanic to get control of cards that allow you to do certain actions. We played the original and liked it and then I opened up the box for Legends and saw these adorable little castles and had to get that version! It’s light, it’s attractive, play before you pay. It may not be for you, but I’m glad I have it.

Oh, but this wasn’t a place to just buy things. No. This is a board game convention. We were there to play. Everyone was there to play.

On the same floor as the dealer room were other rooms for free play. Bring a game, reserve a table and off you go. There were rooms for LARPing as well. Exciting stuff. On the second level there were smaller rooms with card games, and indie game jam play-testing sort of things happening.

And then you go down to the garage. Yes the garage! There was a reservation conflict. And they had cordoned off a quite large area and set up these faux walls and put hundreds of tables in. Again, you could reserve a table ahead of time, or check out the games library and find a table. More play-testing and more just playing.

Tournaments, contests, a hospitality room with food and drink. GameStorm has it all. I also ran into a former coworker and current friend performing with his improv group The Minions doing a D&D skit that is ongoing and builds on each performance so that it is a continuing story. Check them out!

I wish I could have been there all weekend. I’m already planning on going next year. I hope to be able to attend more than one day. You should check them out at and see what they’re about.

I attended GameStorm for the first time. Enjoy the video and check out these links:

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