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Greetings Gamers,
Today we have a very special announcement for you all. It’s more a sneak peak, with details to follow in the coming weeks.  Since some of us have been posting pictures of our play testing, and getting all chatty about it, we could not keep the lid on the project anymore.  Stay tuned to hear more and when we will be launching on Kickstarter!

Back when Jeff and Zach first met we had one goal. OK it was more of an obsession, but who’s asking; to make a zombie apocalypse board game that more closely relayed the struggle of living in the world of the undead. That game launched our company and has given us some of the greatest gaming experiences we’ve had…so far. But like every game, it can be improved upon and grow into something greater. We have gone onto other games, but just like the hero, back from battle with the dragon (I mean just like it), it’s time to return to the Zpocalypse…

“When the city was overcome, we thought, ‘This is the end.’ Then they bombed us, and we were sure it was over. Somehow- I don’t know how, or why, but somehow we survived the onslaught. There were only a few of us, but we escaped the pit of hell that was the urban wasteland. They always say the suburbs have it better, right? They weren’t hit nearly as hard; we’ve found a sturdy house. It still has a roof and everything. We’re hungry, tired, and it’s a struggle to hold back the dead from their nightly assaults, but we’re still here, we’re not going down yet.”

Zpocalypse 2: The ‘Burbs, is a new standalone game, evolved from the original Zpocalypse, a survival board game set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Like the original, two to five players each control their own squad of survivors equipped to the teeth with weapons, food, and items. What makes this new rendition unique is that we’ve enhanced and streamlined several parts of the game. Your actions as squad leader allow the survivors to choose their tasks on the daily action board. Each choice has limited space, and will come with benefits (potential for more supplies) and costs (like all things in the Zpocalypse, it’s never pleasant!) With gained experience your survivors will level up on a variety skills to choose from. Rather than picking your path for you, now you have the ability to carve out your survival scenario for yourself, but be careful what you wish for.

  • 2 – 5 player co-operative post apocalyptic zombie survival experience.

  • Squad based system – each player controls up to four survivors!

  • Easy to master combat system, and game master-less zombie activation!

  • Tower defense element of defending your suburban base from onslaughts of zombies

  • New mechanism for assigning each survivor’s daily task such as scavenge & barter, craft & fortify, guard & patrol and lastly rest & hell.

  • New story driven scavenging with a choose your own adventure feel.

  • New skill system (melee, firearms, mechanics, sneak, and talker. )

  • Experience system to allows for survivor growth and development

  • New base defenses such as a pit trap and fuel bomb.

  • New base upgrades: workbench, campfire, ammo press, toilet still and more.

Folklore The Affliction
Many (really, a lot) of you have been asking about the Folklore Kickstarter campaign.  We are still working on new content and refining the rules with Twin Fire productions to give you the best game experience. Great games take time and since you are reading this newsletter, you will be one of the first to be notified about future news.

Happy Gaming!
~The Team at Greenbrier Games

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