Mint Tin Mini Apocalypse

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The rules as on BoardGameGeek:

A simultaneous 2 player game of surviving the apocalypse all in 5 to 10 minutes.

It’s a nice day in Meepleton. You & friends are enjoying the day without a care in the world . . .
BOOM! Transformers blow, cars crash, people fall to the ground unconscious. Phew! You’re wobbly but okay.
RAWR! Nearby a giant, heinous monster wreaks havoc!
Get your friends to the school’s forgotten fallout shelter.

Game Setup

Dump out tin, choose a color, place 4 meeps laying down & 1 standing on your side of tin.
Grab matching dice.
Tin is the Fallout Shelter (FoS).
Stand monster a few inches from FoS with green die behind it, 6 facing up.
Place 2 white supply boxes between the FoS & nefarious monster.

Game Play
Get your meeps to their feet, stay on yours, secure the FoS, get 1 supply box & seal the FoS!
Your actions are on 7s & you need 1 standing meep to help your single meeps or to knock down others.
FoS holds a max of 7 meeps.
Start game & roll your dice. Standard game is simultaneous rolling, not turn-based.
On a 7 you can:

  • Stand 1 meep (if none standing)
  • Help 1 meep to its feet
  • Help 1 standing meep into FoS
  • Knock down 1 standing opponent
  • Toss 1 opponent out of FoS (you need 1 in) BUT place them standing up outside FoS
  • Send out RECON PAIR from the FoS to get 1 supply box
  • Stand 1 knocked down meep in RECON PAIR
  • Knock down 1 meep in RECON PAIR
  • Drag 1 supply box into FoS with standing RECON PAIR
  • Seal FoS – Close lid with at least 4 of your meeps in & 1 supply box for the WIN!

What about the monster?

Three game modes – Decide before you start: UHOH or OMG or CRA-CRA!

  • UHOH activates monster die as soon as a supply box gets into the FoS. This is standard play. Once activated, player rolling doubles of monster die’s face-up number has to turn monster die down 1. A double 6 turns monster die to 5, a double 5 turns it to 4 & so on. When monster die is on 1, snake eyes (double 1s) ends game. Monster gets in FoS & eats you! BUT . . . either player can be a hero by tossing 1 of their outside standing meeps onto monster die! That meep is forever gone (but not forgotten). However, next double 1s ends the game unless another jumps on. Sacrificing a meep doesn’t need a 7 & can be done in or out of FoS but only when monster die is on 1.
  • OMG mode activates monster die when the game starts. Faster game but it sucks to be human.
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