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News May 6. 2015

Some updates to the Star Trek Attack Wing rules. 

Greenbrier Games has a Kickstarter for fantasy minis. 

In case you missed it Stronghold Games has declared 2015 the year of Survive!

Be sure to read our two part interview with Survive! Creator Julian Courtland-Smith here and here.

Read Jim Henley’s “Save Versus Death”

Not a board game, but oh my this is very cool. Night Terrors. 

Strange Remnants expansion for Eldritch Horror.

A 150 word RPG. 

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News Oct. 8 2014

I have yet to purchase Eldritch Horror. It is on my list though and Fantasy Flight’s Mountains of Madness Expansion is making me want it even more.

Mountains Of Madness


I do, however, have Elder Sign and Fantasy Flight is releasing their second expansion for that. In Gates Of Arkham players will leave the museum and head out into the streets.

Gates Of Arkham

Paizo is doing up to 90% off on selected items for all of October in their Great Golem Sale

I wish I could make it to BoardGameGeekCon. If you are interested you can find the schedule here.

BGG also has the schedule for the live stream of Essen Spiel 2014 here.


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